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Lifting Hydration Face & Chin line

Lifting Hydration Face & Chin line

V-Line lifting mask for face and chin line in intensive anti-aging agent used to remove the second chain and saggy skin along the facial contour.

Mask is an alternative not only two expensive products in beauty salons but also the surgical procedures.


Peel off the protective skin

Stretch the mask 1 to 3 times and apply the mask to a clean face

Wait 25 minutes then removed the mask from skin.

Mask mask is one time use only.

*Don not use if irritation occurs

Avoid using on sensitive skin

For external use only

Store in a cool dry place


Pure Water Hydrogel, Hudrolyzed collagen, glycerol, seaweed extract, vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid.

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